Concrete Kitchen

Here you find a selection of our already realized concrete kitchens and kitchen sinks made of concrete. Depending on how dominant the material concrete should stand out in the kitchen, you can either opt for a more slender plate with cut-outs for stove and sink or for a slightly stronger plate with integrated sink and drainer. Also side cheeks and thin backs for the backsplash are possible. We advise you gladly on the feasibility of your ideas.

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Our goal is to minimize the formation of pores in the casting surface, as air pockets can not be avoided completely. Please keep in mind that air inclusions and color differences in the surface are an essential attribute of concrete and an overly smooth, clean surface easily does not look like “real” concrete.
For our concrete furniture we offer two surface treatment options: impregnation and extreme protection. With impregnation the concrete is oil and water repellent and resistant to most stains. The surface of the concrete persists visually and tactile but will show signs of usage with time. If your concrete furniture should be protected extremely against moisture and stains, it can be sealed. Here, however, the concrete will darken a little.

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