Concrete Shelves

You need a record shelf? Or a presentable piece of furniture to place your HiFi equipment? Or rather something smaller for the kitchen? Concrete shelves are versatile and can be built according to the application and your wishes.

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Our standard shelves are rather small and are suitable as a sideboard for the corridor, spice rack in the kitchen or a rack in bathroom and shower (2 or 3 shelves). Everything else we will built according to your wishes. We would like to advise you about the feasibility of your plans.

For our concrete furniture we offer two surface treatment options: impregnation and extreme protection. With impregnation the concrete is oil and water repellent and resistant to most stains. The surface of the concrete persists visually and tactile. If your concrete furniture should be protected extremely against moisture and stains, it can be sealed. Here, however, the concrete will darken a little.

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