Notes on concrete as a material

We manufacture furniture from exposed concrete

Listed below we provide you with important and interesting information regarding the construction material concrete.

Construction Material Concrete

This material features visible bubbles and diverse structures which are individual characteristic elements of concrete. Small holes or cracking, dark or bright stains and irregularities which can result through stripping are natural features of concrete and normal signs of the manufacturing process. Therefore they are no reason for warranty or complaint.

Care Instructions

We recommend to pay attention to the following:

After the setting the concrete will be refined as agreed. Impregnated surfaces are resistant towards liquids to a limited extent and they are not acid-resistant. Stains can not be ruled out but don’t change the original look and feel of the material. Concrete can also be coated with lacquer-like stone sealants and additionally treated with wax, but we advise against it, because a seal creates other obstacles.

An impregnated surface is resistant to normal liquids and cleaning agents. We recommend using lukewarm water and mild detergents for daily maintenance. Please avoid abrasive, acetous or aggressive liquids and dyestuff as they would cause long-term damages.

Scale can be removed with highly diluted vinegar and a microfibre cloth.

Please do not clean concrete with scouring pads or equally hard items as they will cause permanent scratch marks.

In this sense:

“Patina is your reflection in handling with concrete.
It arises and changes constantly
and tell your shared moments in their own way “(Sascha Czerny)


We don’t offer the installation of sinks, washbasins, wash stands and electrical devices for insurance reasons.

The installation must only be carried out by authorized and qualified staff. Concrete is heavy. Make sure that the items you want to buy can be installed before placing an order.

We will not assume any liability for damages to items or persons caused by improper handling or non-compliance with the safety notices no matter if private or public domain.

Please note: Never hang heavy objects above doors, passages or entrances and always choose a properly stable wall- or sub-construction!

If you have any questions please don´t hesitate to get in contact or ask for technically qualified support from architects, structural engineers or a specialised company near you.


Cost estimate is made due to the information known when your order is placed. Subsequent modifications will be recalculated. The cost estimate remains valid 4 weeks.