Valuable Sensual Dwelling

The solid base of my label WertWerke are sustainable materials like wood and concrete. I want to give anyone who considers concrete dull and boring an understanding of the material’s diversity, elegance and sensuality with my clear, individual and high quality design. Especially during the last years concrete has become a new trend as material for unusual design – for a reason! Eventually the durable material is not only reliable and durable but also has a minimalist and modern look that blends perfectly with a wide variety of styles. This way it’s a perfect highlight and ideal to manifest aesthetic ideas.

Solid Personality

I’m especially interested in exclusive custom-made objects where there are almost no limits to imagination. Whether washbasins, clocks, shelves or exclusive requests: The creative challenge is my biggest pleasure. My passion and artistic vision is, however, to give concrete – against all prejudices – a timeless, elegant and modern form to make its aesthetic potential visible. Also the name of my label WertWerke says it all and it’s an integral part of my design ethics.
Making dwelling into a personal, sensual and valuable experience through extraordinary quality and innovative material combination comes first. And this is why every creation is lovingly manufactured in Berlin. My original design combines function and artistic inspiration which is why people who love solid design and fans of tactile experiences equally cherish the objects.
It’s of special regard to me that it’s not the room that has to adapt to design but that I can customize my creations to perfectly fit each room. This is what makes a manufactory different to mass production. When a client’s personality is part of the creative result you can finally call it true, individual and valuable living.
That’s WertWerke’s objective.