Concrete Clock “5vor”

Timeless. Strong. Original.
Time seems to constantly slip through our fingers and we´re longing for a bit of stability. Remindung us with its tongue-in-cheek surface that remarks that there´s no more time to waste, the wonderful wall clock is an ironic comment on the questionable zeitgeist. But that´s not enough! With this clock the continous tick-tock finally gets a shape that rests in itself and thus has a meditative effect. This strong piece of design holds time tight and hands it back to us. So every time you look at the clock it feels like a time-out.

Individual Design
You’ve fallen for this attractive guy but there´s a small detail that´s still not perfect? No problem. Since WertWerke is a manufactory specializing to realize your individual requests, you can order the concrete stool in other colors or with other types of wood, too. Eventually we want you to be absolutely happy with it. Just tell us how you your dream stool is supposed to look and we will be happy to build it.

Your time, your clock!
You can choose between following sizes:
38x38cm: 159€
30x30cm: 139€
20x20cm: 119€
Shipping costs (within Germany): 15€

Order now

You can order by email. Please chose model, size and color and pick your favorite clock hand: light (ash tree) or dark (walnut) in plane or outline.
Note: prices valid only for the specified dimensions, individual productions are possible.

Additional Information

Weight in Kg 8.0 kg
Dimensions 38 x 38 x 2.7 cm
Delivery time ca.14 days
Concrete color concrete grey, concrete black, concrete white
Size in cm 38x38x2.7; 30x30x2.7; 20x20x2.7 cm
Hands ash tree outline (light), ash tree plane (light), walnut outline (dark), walnut plane (dark)



A note on concrete as a material:

visible air inclusions are a natural and individual component and a typical characteristic of concrete and thus provide no reason for complaint.