Concrete wood-washstand Luchta


Product description

Let’s be honest: Even cake is most delicious if it consists of two layers. It’s no different with this sink! This design washstand made of laminated wood has a soft spot for concrete. In combination the materials function as a modern and timeless duo that fuses design and functionality. But even if the washstand looks good enough to eat: Rather just brush your teeth here!

As with any relationship you have to invest a bit of love, so that the connection remains solid. Say: Now and then also your washstand requests some care. But it’ll thank you this quality time with extremely good looks and eternal faithfulness.

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Other colors and wood types are possible.

Additional Information

Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 65 x 47 x 30 cm
Delivery time 4 – 6 weeks
Faucet hole yes, no
Concrete color concrete grey
Kind of wood birch laminated wood
A note on concrete as a material:

visible air inclusions are a natural and individual component and a typical characteristic of concrete and thus provide no reason for complaint.